This Very Moment

David Dean presents

“This Very Moment”

A sermon written by Rev. Peter A. Friedrichs

With Alyssa Halliday as Worship Leader

On finding joy in the balance…
“There is, as the Buddhists like to remind us, a middle path. The danger of living in the past or constantly hoping for the future is that we miss out on the present, the things that are right in front of us… This picture of a life in dynamic balance gives me permission to move freely from the past to the present and on into the future, then back again. It relieves me of the pressure to seek that perfect point of the present and to hold onto it, sometimes desperately, when I find it…”

About our speaker & sermon author

David Dean, BBUUC member and an integral part of our Worship Team, is an Emmy-nominated editor who works as Senior Editor/Post-Producer at Samantha Brown Media. David volunteers his time as the editor of our worship videos and contributes to the team his other talents in the worship arts. He is also a terrific presenter, writer, storyteller, and is often referred to as a magician by his Worship colleagues. 

Reverend Peter A. Friedrichs, the author of this sermon, is the minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Delaware County in Media, Pennsylvania. Rev. Friedrichs is a UUA sermon award winner, contributor to the Worship Web, the UUA’s library of worship resources, and a published author. His latest work of fiction, And the Stars Kept Watch, was published in May of 2021.