Love, Pray, Eat

Rev. Carmen Emerson

“Love, Pray, Eat”

Worship Leader: Jim Wood

Accompanist: Eileen Morrison

Guest Musician: Pete Jorgensen, Piano

The famous memoir Eat, Pray, Love is in my ‘someday’ stack of books to read. In the meantime, as we approach American Thanksgiving and a holiday season of gatherings with family and friends, I’ll offer a different order for our consideration: “Love, Pray, Eat.”    —Rev. Carmen Emerson

About our Speaker:

Rev. Carmen Emerson has recently moved to Jacksonville after serving the Greater Nashville UU Congregation for the past 4 years. She previously served as settled minister of the historic UU Church of Meadville, Pennsylvania and as interim associate of First UU Albuquerque. She will spend the next year engaged in community ministry as a chaplain at Community Hospice and at Baptist Health. She is the first Affiliated Community Minister for Buckman Bridge UU.

About our Guest Musician:

Pete Jorgensen’s best friend is the piano.  He started playing at age five, and later played in bands for 30 years, while practicing law professionally. Now that he is retired, he spends countless hours at the piano (Just ask his wife, Cindi Jorgensen), and occasionally plays at a local restaurant.