BBUUC’s Annual Christmas Eve Service

BBUUC’s Annual Christmas Eve Service at 6:30pm

Come, bring your family and friends to our annual Christmas Eve Service! This family service will be a woven tapestry of music, carols, words and inspiration for this special season, for all ages—followed by a time of fellowship and holiday refreshments (furnished by volunteers organized by the Hospitality Committee). We start early, to allow everyone time to share Christmas Eve at home with their friends and families. Don’t miss this special evening!

Call for Our Christmas Eve Service Participants

If you play a musical instrument, sing, have a poem, reading, or brief holiday memory you’d like to share, contact Linda Mowers, at or 904-536-6003. The deadline to volunteer is December 8th. Don’t forget you can also join the Christmas Choir to participate — see the article by Marilyn Smart in this newsletter for more information. Help make our Christmas Eve program one filled with meaning and many voices!