September 2016

International Council of Unitarians and Universalists
Global Chalice Lighting Words for August 2016


   “May our Chalice communities embody the right relationships our world so desperately needs.” Strong words, and sometimes difficult to manifest.  Yet, if not us, then who?

We have many exciting opportunities to be involved, witness our values in the community, and demonstrate how right relationship works in a beloved community.  Watch your newsletter, social media, and announcements for committee volunteer opportunities.

Under the Board’s umbrella we will be sponsoring our second Listening Circle for members on Saturday, September 24th.  We continue the Board Corner on the 4th Sunday of each month to discuss that month’s Board actions with you.  On October 15th we will spend the day with the St. Augustine church to start on revising our Mission and Vision statements in a shared workshop.  I hope we will see a large representation of our congregation at these gatherings.

Other important notes:

  • On Sunday, September 4th, join us in welcoming Billy Thomas as a Chaplain for Buckman Bridge.  We are very happy that Billy is willing and able to provide this important ministry to the church as his gift of self.
  • Our Memorial Garden is getting close to completion and we are looking at a dedication the first part of 2017.  We do need workers to help complete and install paths, fountain, memorial wall, etc.  If you are willing to work on this project, please email me at 

So, come and talk to us.  Join in sharing and contributing.  Model right relationships in the congregation and community.

“Though these sheltering walls are thin,
May they be strong to keep hate out and hold love in.”
(Seen on a back tattoo)

May it be so…
In faith and gratitude,
Rev. Pat