March 27th: Flower Communion Service

Easter SundayEaster--300x223

The Flower Ceremony, sometimes referred to as Flower Communion or Flower Festival, is an annual ritual that celebrates beauty, human uniqueness, diversity, and community.

Originally created in 1923 by Unitarian minister Norbert Capek of Prague, Czechoslovakia, the Flower Ceremony was introduced to the United States by Rev. Maya Capek, Norbert’s widow.

In this ceremony, everyone in the congregation brings a flower. Each person places a flower on the altar or in a shared vase. Each person brings home a different flower than the one they brought.

And don’t forget the best part of our Easter / Flower Communion service — the Easter Egg Hunt conducted right after the service, followed by a delicious potluck.

Led by:  BBUUC Worship Team
Accompanied by:  Gary Smart