The Future of Our Church

Sunday, January 7, 2018
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Together, we will begin planning

What future do we want for our church? What would make our church feel more Connected, Caring, Purposeful, Inspiring or Spiritual to you? We want to know.
Immediately following our annual Potlatch service, we will conduct a facilitated survey to learn our congregation’s deepest wishes for the future. The Vision Task Force will use your responses to develop a 5-year plan, with actionable, measurable goals that inform how our church will spend resources.
We want EVERYONE’s input. If you do not come, we will track you down! Please be part of the work our church leadership calls “the most important thing we will accomplish this year.”
And guess what? It’s also Potlatch! The perfect time to let go of past disappointments, resentments and fears. And take home renewed hope for what our church can become.
Your input counts, so please join us January 7 in the sanctuary.

Location: BBUUC