Special Bylaws Meeting

Sunday, February 9, 2020
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Our Bylaws were left with some inconsistencies after the changes at last years annual meeting.  To make the needed corrections and avoid lengthening this year’s annual meeting, the Board has called a special meeting to amend our Bylaws on February 9th.  This meeting requires a 40% quorum of members, so if you are unable to attend, please give your proxy to a member that will be attending.
You can submit your proxy by sending an email to proxy@bbuuc.org  with your name and the name of the member that will hold your proxy.  Members can hold no more than 3 proxies. 

The meeting notice with details of what is to be discussed and approved is : Special-Meeting-Notice-for-Feb-9-2020.pdf
Further details on the proposed bylaw changes : Articles-with-reasons-and-markup.pdf

The Articles to be discussed with links to proposals:

Link to current Bylaws

Link to BBUUC Proxy voting policy

Link to Bylaws-changes-explained.pdf


Location: BBUUC