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Baggage Claim

Being a Unitarian Universalist means being on a constant spiritual journey. However, constant traveling can be wearing on even the most excited of explorers. The most experienced journey(wo)man can make mistakes. Join Buckman Bridge’s Young Adults as we grapple with how to be a good Traveler on the path to truth and meaning.

Worship Leader: Vanessa Birchell

Accompanied … read more.

Mar 31: Easter Sunday Service and Flower Communion

March 31: The Worship Committee will present: “Easter Sunday Service and Flower  Communion”


We will celebrate the season with an intergenerational service that honors the interwoven meanings of Passover, Easter and Spring. We will also conduct our annual Flower Communion during the service.  This is … read more.

Mar 17: The Upanishads

March 17:  Rev. Elizabeth Teal  will presentThe Upanishads”
What can the oldest known scriptures teach us today about our modern experiential faith.

Led by: Lisa Lynch   ● Accompanied by Amber Rodriguez

Mar 10: Faith

March 10: Reverend Jack Ford will present: “Faith”

Faith can move mountains.’  Really?  It seems far-fetched.  Improbable.  What is faith, anyway?  Is it belief?  In what?  The word is freely sprinkled throughout our religious heritage and writings.  We often talk about our ‘faith communities’.  I myself am … read more.

Mar 3: Reclaiming Our Shared Voice

March 3:  Sarah and Jeremy Ritzmann  will present ““Reclaiming our Shared Voice” by Jeremy and Sarah Ritzmann

As liberal religious people, we crave to bring the good news of Unitarian Universalism – a faith of love and compassion – to a world that is in dire … read more.

Feb 10: Grace

February 10: Reverend Jack Ford will present: “Grace”
Someone wrote to me recently: “I keep hearing the word ‘grace’, whether it’s in the song Amazing Grace or Wendell
Berry’s poem … ‘I rest in the grace of the world and am free’. In googling it, … read more.

Feb 3: My Conservative Values

February 3:  Mark Yount  will present “My Conservative Values”


As UUs we celebrate our theological diversity, but we sometimes squirm at our political differences.  If the progressives among us look to the values behind conservative politics, though, we might find much in common with our “liberal” values.  Drawing on his … read more.