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HCT June 2021

Strategies to Manage the Changes in a Post-COVID-19 world

This month’s column was originally going to be about healthy strategies to manage change in our lives. But I kept reflecting on all of the changes we have gone through in the past 15 months … read more.

HCT May 2021

Healthy Ways to Manage Stress in our Lives

This month’s column is about healthy strategies to manage the stress in our lives. No matter how organized our lives may appear or how together we come across to others, we all experience stress. Stress can be temporary, … read more.

HCT April 2021

After I became a UU in 2013, a new phrase entered my life: “assume positive intent.” I heard this mantra whenever a committee or a group was creating a covenant for the upcoming year. It has also been mentioned before annual meetings as a way … read more.

HCT March 2021

HCT Column March 2021: Boundaries

This month’s column focuses on setting and maintaining boundaries in our lives. While many of us have probably read columns advising on the best ways to say “no” to others without sounding mean or rude, I … read more.

HCT February 2021

How to Handle Toxic Behavior

This month the Healthy Congregation Team’s column focuses on how to handle toxic behavior from friends, family, co-workers, and other acquaintances. Examples of toxic behavior are people who are “narcissists, compulsive liars, sociopaths, manipulators, gossipers, and those wallowing in … read more.

HCT January 2021

How To Have Difficult Conversations With Those You Disagree With

As we get through this holiday season, some of us will be visiting family and friends whose political, religious and societal views are much different from our own. Most of us have heard the … read more.

HCT November 2020

In this new monthly column, the Healthy Congregation Team will share some best practices for managing conflict and will suggest practical strategies for employing nonviolent communication. We hope these tips will provide you practical solutions for managing any potential conflict in your life, whether it’s … read more.