There are several ways to view the BBUUC calendar.

  • The website has a link in the top right corner called “CALENDAR”. Click on it to go to the calendar page.
  • BBUUC breeze accounts have access to the calendar. From the dashboard, click on “Events”. It may take up to a minute to populate events.
  • Google calendar accounts can import from the website calendar:
    • Be sure you’re logged into your Google account
    • Go to the BBUUC website
    • Scroll to the bottom of calendar
    • Click on the “+Google Calendar” at the bottom right
    • Click “Add” in the pop-up box Add calendar
  • The BBUUC calendar can also be imported to your calendar using the iCal URL. The exact steps depend on the type of calendar program you use.  Here is the iCal URL for the BBUUC calendar:
    • Add to a Google Calendar
      1. Look for “Other calendars +” on the left side of your Google Calendar
      2. Click on the “+” then click on “From URL”.
      3. Enter the above URL where it says “URL of calendar”
      4. Click on “Add calendar” button
      5. Click on left arrow next to Settings in upper left of page to return to your calendar.