With Gratitude

With Gratitude

Appreciation acknowledges the goodness in life – the positives in events, experiences, and other people.  Gratitude recognizes how the positive things in our lives are often due to forces outside of ourselves, particularly the efforts of other people.  Gratitude strengthens the bonds among people who mutually help one another.

We do not have a Stewardship Chair this year, so on behalf of the Board and the Finance Committee we would like to thank everyone who has already fulfilled or is making consistent contributions toward their pledge this year.  We understand it’s more of a challenge with our building temporarily closed and other impacts of the ongoing pandemic, so we especially appreciate your continued financial support toward our operating expenses.

We likewise acknowledge with gratitude additional contributions:

     Emergency Caring Fund – 48 donations totaling $9,210 in April & May

     Black Lives UU – 6 donations totaling $335 in June

     UU the Vote – 6 donations totaling $217 in July

     UU the Vote (local) – 7 donations totaling $359 in August

     UUA Disaster Fund – donations directly to UUA

     Rainbow/Welcoming Congregation Fund – 8 donations totaling $314 in October

     Fundraising – $316 from leftover yard sale items

     Socks for the Sulzbacher homeless shelter collected in October

     Food and personal care items for JASMYN and NFAN to be collected in November

For those who are considering ways to make charitable gifts before the end of this calendar/tax year, BBUUC offers many opportunities: fulfilling pledges, donations to the general fund, and supporting one or more of our special Funds.

For Members who are facing financial hardship, perhaps made worse as the holidays approach and the pandemic continues, remember that our Emergency Caring Fund is available to help meet your needs.

Part of our Vision for BBUUC is to” improve our money culture.” This means being OK when you are asked to give money to support the church; being OK with asking for a change in your pledge if your personal circumstances change; and being OK with requesting Emergency Caring Funds for yourself or on behalf of another Member.  

In gratitude,

Pam Richards, for the Board and Finance Committee