Wisdom on the Way

Wisdom on the Way: Friday Evening Talks and Discussion with

Mark Yount, Resumes Friday, May 5th

What matters most in Life? Is religious faith good or bad? Who Am I? Am I really free? Is truth a real thing? What kind of society are we capable of? If these questions spark your thought, you’ll enjoy Mark Yount’s discussion circle on Friday evenings from 7:30 to 9:00. The discussions that were postponed when Mark left for a family emergency will resume May 5 on a new schedule. Each week Mark will take the pulpit to deliver a chapter from his book-in-progress, followed by open discussion by whoever attends. Each presentation will stand alone like a sermon, so you can participate without any prior reading or background. Join in whenever you like! 

In his 25 years as a member here, Mark has given about 150 sermons at BBUUC, Palatka and St. Augustine. He has Philosophy degrees from William and Mary (BA), Villanova (MA) and Colorado at Boulder (PhD), and taught Philosophy full time for 12 years at Trinity (Hartford), St. Joseph’s (Philadelphia) and Jacksonville U. Mark applied his psychology studies to a second career in behavioral health as QI/Corporate Compliance Director for Gateway, and helping unhoused mental health clients apply for SSDI through Mental Health America.

Mark has worked for over a decade to shape his best sermons into a book that blends philosophy, psychology and spirituality toward Wisdom on the Way. His objective for these discussions is to 

May 5        We Can’t Go Back to the Garden
May 12      Pay No Attention to that Man Behind the Curtain
May 19      The Baby and the Bath Water
May 26      The Heart of Morality

Friday nights in May: 7:30-9 PM, BBUUC Sanctuary