What’s New in Religious Education Programming?

This year Lifespan Religious Education will be doing something new.  Each month children, youth, adults, and small groups will share a common monthly theme. Theme-based programming helps create multigenerational connections as people of all ages explore common themes in age-appropriate ways, extending faith development beyond Sunday morning. Families can continue the conversation in the car or over the dinner table; and small groups that meet during the month along with individuals, can choose to go deeper into their spiritual explorations through the themed resources.

Each month you will have access to Soul Matters and Soulful Home packets through our church newsletter and the members section of the BBUUC website. Soul Matters offers multiple ways to engage in spiritual exploration and practice. In the packet you will find thought provoking readings and questions, suggestions for spiritual practices, as well as movie, music, and book suggestions based on the monthly theme. I hope that each of you will engage in the resources and deepen your spiritual journey.

Soul Matters:


Soulful Home:


Ways to Engage in Adult Religious Education

New Hours for our Director of Lifespan Religious Education beginning September 1st