What about Reopening?


What about Reopening?

We understand that many of you are now fully vaccinated and more anxious than ever to return to church for Sunday Worship services and other activities.  We hear you!

At our Annual Meeting President Kris Kines expressed heartfelt appreciation for all the efforts that have been going on this past year while the building has been closed: Facilities maintenance and improvements, weekly meetings of the Worship team, RE programs for children and adults, online canvass survey and pledge drives.  Many of our congregation who have actively participated have experienced deep spiritual growth this past year.  And many staff and volunteers are exhausted from their increased workload to learn new skills, provide creative programming, and use every possible effort to keep our community connected.  We also realize that many have been unable to participate virtually and long to be together again in person.  We understand.  We hear you.

What is the plan?

All BBUUC Committees and Ministries have been charged with determining how their activities will be carried out in keeping with our primary commitments to:

– Be inclusive

– Protect the most vulnerable

The Memorial Garden and grounds are available for outdoor gatherings.  We eagerly welcome anyone to plan an activity; Chris Jarman can assist with logistics.  Share your ideas and make it happen!

For over a year our hardworking staff and volunteers have postponed taking time off and now need a well-deserved a break from their church responsibilities.  Rev. Amy, Chris Jarman, the Worship Team, and other key volunteers are planning to take vacations in July and August.  You can rely on “This Week” (published on Fridays) for up-to-date information on upcoming Worship, RE, and other church activities.

Our goal is to hold our first “multiplatform” Worship service in the sanctuary on Sunday September 12

This will be our traditional Water Sharing Homecoming celebration.  “Multiplatform” means people who are comfortable can attend in person and the service will also be live streamed for those who cannot be at church.  Although new technology has been installed in the sanctuary and sound room, we need additional volunteers trained to run things smoothly. 

We will continue to monitor CovidActNow.org for statistics on Covid risks in our area.  We will do our best to make plans and be flexible if our plans need to change.  Worship services, Religious Education, meetings, and other events will include guidelines in advance about masks, distancing, refreshments etc. that are appropriate to protect everyone’s health.

This pandemic has taught us how important our connections to one another are, and how much we value our BBUUC community.  Let’s help our staff and volunteers rest, renew, and prepare for gathering together safely and inclusively in September.

Pam Richards, for the Board