What about a Minister?

What about a Minister? (continued)

The Board is beginning the process of thoughtfully completing our UUA Ministerial Search Application form.  Initial Search Committee members are Kris Kines (President), Eileen Morrison (Secretary), Pam Richards (Treasurer) and Dale Crawford (Trustee).  The application is designed to give a thorough description of our congregation and what we are seeking in a minister so that prospective applicants can determine their interest.  As we continue to emphasize, our ability to attract a minister includes increasing our giving so we will be able to compensate them from our operating revenue, not from our reserves.   If you are curious about what the Ministerial Search Application entails, “click here” to see the sections we must complete and submit:

Position Basics:
Ministry Type
Percent of Time
Position Duration
Position Title
Target Start Period
Reason for Search

Benefits & Compensation:
Benefits being offered
UUA recommended minimum and midpoint salary based on our Geo Index (2) and size (157)
Minimum salary + Housing BBUUC plans on offering
If BBUUC is offering below the minimum salary recommendation, describe why

Describe the minister’s role in relation to other paid staff
Describe the primary areas of focus for the minister in this role
Name and describe the traditional holiday services celebrated outside of Sunday morning
Is BBUUC a Welcoming Congregation, and if so, when did it achieve that status
Is BBUUC certified as a Green Sanctuary congregation
Is BBUUC an Honor Congregation to the UUA
Describe how BBUUC defines good preaching and worship

Congregational Information:
Congregational Profile (name, address etc.)
Congregation Life
          Describe our congregation and its culture
          Our Congregation Mission
          Describe and provide examples of how our Congregation lives its values
          Provide a link to our Safe Congregation policy
          Worship Service Schedule
Personnel (Paid and unpaid staff info)
Congregation History (Founding history, date, and important events)
Ministerial History (names, titles, positions, dates of ministers; important lay leaders)
Membership and Finances (10-year history of total pledge income, operating expenses, membership, youth enrollment,      and average attendance)
Demographics (estimate % people of color, % LBGTQ, & gender makeup of congregation and leadership; changes in last 5 years to increase diversity)
Accessibility (wheelchair, listening devices, other)
Resources and Programs (list and describe; RE; youth ministry)
Surrounding Community (population, demographics, perception of BBUUC by larger community, our religious, political and social context from historical and current perspective)

By Pam Richards, for the Board