What about a Minister (continued)

As we transition to our new fiscal year with the accompanying changes in leadership roles, we have made changes to our Contract Minister Search Committee.  Thank you to Linda Mowers, Eileen Morrison, and Dale Crawford for their work in preparing our Congregational Record (shared in the June Journey).  The Board has now approved Pam Richards, Don DeStephano, Henry Seng, Joann Carollo, Ken Christiansen, and Donna Zimmerman to continue with the search.  

When each Minister responds to our published Congregational Record, they will submit their Minister Record through the online UUA Minister Search System.  The comprehensive form they complete includes the following categories of information: https://bbuuc.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Minister-Record-form.pdf

From this point on, the search needs to be kept highly confidential in order to respect each candidate’s privacy.  As this is our first experience using the UUA Minister Search system, we will be learning about the process as we go.  Due to COVID-19 constraints the normal process has been modified for virtual interactions.  Unlike a Called Minister, the search for a Contract Minister is not determined by the defined annual UUA search calendar.  We do not know how long our search will take.

We will continue to keep the congregation informed as our search for a UUA Contract Minister progresses.

Pam Richards, for the Board