Welcome to POP!

Welcome to POP!

Parents of Preschoolers

What is POP?

POP (Parents of Preschoolers) is a video-based, at-home curriculum grounded in Unitarian Universalism and designed for parents and caregivers of children ages 2-5.

By engaging with POP videos, parents and caregivers will learn to understand their child’s spiritual development, to build rituals that support this development, and to see themselves as spiritual teachers. 

September’s topic is Family Culture! The videos and reflection worksheets have been designed 

  • To guide you through the three stages of family culture development 
  • To invite you to clarify your own family’s values 
  • To encourage you to brainstorm some kid-friendly practices that will help you and your children live out your values together

Each weekly video includes a chalice lighting and an opportunity to take a few moments to breathe before engaging with the video prompts. Feel free to keep your own chalice or candle nearby so you can join in a moment of contemplation.

Introduction Video Week 1: https://youtu.be/En2cUVQJ4VE

Weekly links will be shared on the Soulful Parenting Facebook Page, This Week, and The RE Newsletter. At the close of the month we’ll meet live on Zoom to talk about what we’ve learned and discovered. Can’t wait to see you then!  

Join Zoom Meeting-September 27th at 8:00 pm