UU Animal Chaplain July 2022

UU Animal Chaplain Elizabeth DeCoux is available by telephone to discuss the recent, long-ago, or anticipated loss of a companion animal. She is also available to attend euthanasia and to celebrate the life of an animal. These services are available to BBUUC members at no charge.

A recent study conducted by veterinary academics revealed that most humans who believe in an afterlife for humans also believe in an afterlife for companion animals. This information is helpful to UU Animal Chaplains as we endeavour to provide pastoral care to people experiencing grief for animals.  

The study included information about those most likely to believe in an afterlife for animals.  The prevalent religious faith (or non-faith) among those who believe is Buddhism.  The ethnicity most likely to believe in an animal afterlife is Indigenous Peoples. Women are more likely than men to believe. Even though 73% of respondents believe our animals have an afterlife, only 33% believe animals have souls.

Regardless of what they believe about an afterlife for animals, many people grieve the loss of their animals. Unitarian Universalist Animal Chaplains provide support to people experiencing such grief.