This Week in RE 5.5.19

Hello Families,

It’s time for the weekly blast out from RE.  This is a fun way for you to engage your kids in faith development for the benefit of both them and you!  I encourage you to ask your kids open ended questions about what they are doing in RE and to wonder with them about the mystery and the awe of the universe.

Gentle reminders to please pick up your children from the RE classrooms after service and be mindful of child supervision. Thank you.

Upcoming Events:

  • K-2 OWL continues during RE time. Please remember OWL will end at 11:45.
  • May 5th-This Sunday during Coffee Hour is the Big Mystery Pals Reveal!  If you are participating be sure to bring your canned food item to match with your Pal and solve the mystery identity!
  • May 19th is RE Sunday.  RE Sunday is a service in celebration of all things RE and the children will be involved in the service.  As we prepare, I will keep you informed through the weekly RE news email.
  • RE Sunday is also the Annual Meeting for the church year.  Please plan to attend and participate in our 5th Principle: The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large. (Great example to set for the kids ????)


** OWL is held during the RE hour but with an ending time of 11:45 instead of 11:30. This class will be held in the Spirit Explorers room. All Spirit Explorers & Spirit Players not in OWL, along with visitors will combine into one class which will be held in the Spirit Play room. **


This week’s RE lessons:

Youth (6th-12th) – Ted Talk Discussion- Shane Koyczan: To this day…for the bullied and the beautiful”

Facilitator: Jasmine Turner


Spirit Seekers: (3rd-5th) URUU: The 6 Sources- #4- World Religions”

Facilitator: Chris Jarman

Today’s session is about the Fourth source of UU inspiration: Wisdom of the World’s Religions which inspire us in our ethical and spiritual life. Simple summary: We can learn from the world’s religions

URUU CHALLENGE: Next week we’ll be learning about Humanism and Science as a UU source of inspiration. Talk to your parents about the controversies in the past and present about science, evolution, and prayer in schools.


OWL (Our Whole Lives): (K-2): Spirit Explorers Room

Facilitators: Annabelle Gallois-Bernos, Debbie Atkins, Erin Rogers


Spirit Players & Explorers (PK-2): Spirit Play Room

Facilitator: Amanda Seng

Door Keeper: Mary Hamilton

Lesson: Seed in the Ground, A green promise story (nature based)

Wondering Questions:

  • I wonder if you have ever seen or heard any of this before?
  • I wonder which part of this lesson is the most important?
  • I wonder which part you like the best?
  • I wonder where you might be in this lesson?
  • I wonder how it feels to plant a seed?
  • I wonder what happens to the new seed?
  • I wonder why the sun is important for the seed?
  • I wonder why the rain is important for the seed?
  • I wonder if all seeds grow?
  • I wonder what other kinds of plants come from seeds?
  • I wonder how a seed knows what to do?
  • I wonder if the Spirit of Love and Mystery, that some people call God, helps the seed to grow into a flower?
  • I wonder if you have ever felt yourself growing?
  • I wonder if this story reminds you of any of our other Unitarian Universalist Promises?
  • I wonder where the Spirit of Love and Mystery might be in this lesson?

See you Sunday!