This Week at BBUUC… September 1

This week at BBUUC….

September 1: Reverend Pat Ray will present: “Unitarian Universalism: Salvation To Damnation?”

Unitarian Universalists are not Christian in the sense of requiring creedal belief for salvation.  While congregations vary widely, all UUA member congregations covenant to affirm and promote an agreed set of seven principles.  None of these principles speak to salvation though in the common understanding.
Led by: Linda Mowers  ●  Accompanied by: Marilyn Smart

What’s happening at Church this week?

Sunday, September 1
•    9:45am Coffee Conversations – Chris Jarman will facilitate “How We Labor”. Childcare and coffee will be provided!
•    11:45am Social Action Committee Meeting

Tuesday, September 3
•    7pm Public Relations/Communications Committee Meeting

Wednesday, September 4
•    7pm BEACON

Thursday, September 5
•    Faithful Choices, facilitated by Jack Ford and Ellen Miceli

Friday, September 6
•    BEACON Con at BBUUC Begins

Sunday, September 8
•    9:45am Coffee Conversations – Sarah Ritzmann will facilitate “How We Worship”. Childcare and coffee will be provided!
•    12pm Water Sharing Potluck
•    12pm Caring Committee Meeting

We are looking forward to seeing you this week!