This Week at BBUUC…June 9, 2013

This week at BBUUC….


June 9: Reverend Jack Ford will present: “Hey Jude: Hospitality as a Spiritual Project”

Did you know that Jude is the Patron Saint of lost causes? This fact has made a difference in the lives of thousands. People react to difficult circumstances in a wide variety of ways. Our Southeast Regional UU Director, Rev, Kenn Hurto, says “How you conduct yourself is far more important than your theology, philosophy or beliefs”.

But how we behave with others is determined by many factors: personality, upbringing, station in life. We have issues of trust – resolved or unresolved. Where does hospitality fit in to all of this? Is kindness really a moral attribute? Is it a sin to be mean? As my Grandmother used to say, “Don’t be ugly!”

Led by Sarah Ritzmann • Accompanied by Eileen Morrison


Our Greeters are Madeline Sims and Amber Rodriguez

Our Fellowship Host is Kris Kines

Our Board Host is Eileen Morrison

Our Welcome Ambassador is Ariel Cook

Our Spirit Play Teacher is Wendy Deck

Our Elementary Teacher is Marilyn Smart

Our Teen Advisor is Dani Slader



What’s happening at Church this week?


Sunday, June 9

·        9am Lifespan Religious Education (LRE) Committee Meeting

·        12pm Roundtable discussion with our General Assembly Delegates

·        12pm Caring Committee Meeting

·        12pm Newcomer Class


Tuesday, June 11

·        7pm Reproductive Justice: Expanding our Social Calling

·        7pm Council Meeting


Wednesday, June 12

·        11:30am Lunch Bunch at Pengrees

·        7pm BEACON

·        7pm CUUPS

·        7pm Fundraising Planning Meeting


We are looking forward to seeing you this week!