This Week at BBUUC…July 21

This week at BBUUC….


July 21: Mark Yount will present Buddysattva


Are you having an in-the-body experience? Then here’s a bit of spiritual playfulness for the dog days of summer, from drafts for a blog that may or may not ever appear. “Catch the witness, catch the wit” – out of the box fun from the people who brought you The Existential Monkey Wrench!


Led by: Jennifer Stokes


What’s happening at Church this week?


Sunday, July 21

·        11:45am OWL

·        12pm RE Meeting for Parents of Teens about a possible Teen Trip in August


Tuesday, July 23

·        7pm Board Meeting

·        7pm Program Committee


Wednesday, July 24

·        7pm BEACON

·        7pm CUUPS – Paganism 101

·        7pm BBUUYA


Thursday, July 25

·        7pm Intuitive Collage


Friday, July 28

·        9am BBUUCF

We are looking forward to seeing you this week!