This Week 4-26-2020


I feel like we just did this! ????

Welcome to Week Three of our “Creating Sabbath Space” adventure.

Each week you receive a packet that includes:

  • Guidance for adding 1-2 new pieces to your family home altar, or “Chalice Home” as we also like to call it.
  • A family worship guide developed to celebrate and deepen your connection to those additions to your Chalice Home.
  • A couple of “after-worship” activities to continue your family Sabbath time of connecting and relaxing together.

This third week our focus turns to adding photos and drawings of family members to our home altars/chalice homes. These elements remind us to honor the uniqueness and inherent worth of each family member and to hold them in our hearts. They are also a way of affirming our loved ones and telling them “there is no one like you!”

We encourage you to find your own special way to lift up this reminder about being thankful for family members’ uniqueness. It’s also an opportunity to remind your children about the overarching aim of our chalice home journey: To build a place that helps us remember and stay close to what is important, nourishing the sacred in our lives. Keeping these important things in front of us is especially vital during this time of sickness, separation, and uncertainty.

After preparing for and then holding family worship, you are invited to continue your “family Sabbath” with the recommended activities.

Blessings as you celebrate the beauty that is your family and the beauty with which you bless each other.