Starting Point and the “UU Path”

Coming in November

Starting Point and the “UU Path”. An Introduction to the Unitarian Universalist Journey”

Here you will find how we journey with you, introduce you to Unitarian Universalism and, just as importantly, to BBUUC.





Come, Come Whoever You Are

Come, come whoever you are,

Wonderer, wanderer, lover of leaving,

Ours is no caravan of despair,

Come yet again come. ―Rumi

The idea of “the UU path” is central to Starting Point. Inspired by the classic UU slogan, “deeds not creeds,” we present Unitarian Universalism as a particular way of journeying through the world rather than a set of beliefs to which one assents. Today, people are not so much looking for an organization to join as they are searching for companions to walk with. The question is not so much “Do these people think and believe like I do?” but “Will this place provide me with tools and partners for my journey?” We hope so.

This emphasis on journey shapes Starting Point’s content and structure. We schedule three sessions. The first session focuses on your personal spiritual journey and how it led you to Unitarian Universalism. The second session shifts to the historical journey of Unitarian Universalism and our community. From there, the third session moves into the shared journey of how you and our community will walk together. This “common journey” is organized into the three basic spiritual journeys of Unitarian Universalism: listening to one’s deepest self, opening to life’s gifts and serving needs greater than our own. The program ends by helping you discern which of the many “journey groups” in our community will be your next “step.”​ There is a Starting Point packet for you to preview that will make your Starting Point experience more meaningful.

We hope these journey groups invite you to go deeper—beyond words and ideas about Unitarian Universalism—to actual practice and experience so that eventually you will realize, as Thich Nhat Hanh writes, “…that our life is the path, and we no longer rely merely on the forms of practice.”


  • November 9- 10:00-12:30 Session One: Your Journey―Sharing Our Stories and Spiritual Roadmaps
  • November 16- 10:00-12:30 Session Two: The Unitarian Universalist Journey and The Journey of Our Community
  • November 23-10:00-12:30  Session Three: Our Journey Together―The Three Paths of Unitarian Universalism and Finding Your Journey Group

Starting Point will leave you with:

  • An understanding Unitarian Universalism’s distinctive approach toward religion and church community
  • An understanding of UU history and the history of our community
  • Connection to your fellow newcomers and some long-time members
  • An experience of UU small group practices of deep listening, sharing and spiritual reflection
  • Help identifying “your starting point” at BBUUC. Finding your “journey group” is our recommended “first step” on your newcomer journey. You will be encouraged to explore a small group, ministry, learning or social action team(s) at BBUUC. Starting Point content and BBUUC folks will help you discern which one is right for you