Soulful Home for Parents & Families: What Does It Mean to Be A Family of Becoming?

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How has becoming a parent changed you? 

Likely, becoming a parent changed you in a few ways that you chose, and a lot of ways that you didn’t; the majority of the changes we encounter just sort of…happen. In the second of our two At the Bedside stories this month, we follow the adventures of a plucky young Norwegian boy, Odd, whose luck changes drastically throughout the book. However, what’s most interesting is how he responds to his changing reality, how he ‘becomes’ stronger, wiser, and more savvy as he conscientiously adapts to his circumstances.

My friend Sue, who is 89, and who spent a decade of her life as a family counselor, showed me her old business card one day. On the back, it said, “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”* This adage refocuses us on what we say or do when we encounter and experience change. I think of growth as the kind of becoming we can shape, through our responses and reflections, like our character, Odd. It’s this kind of becoming that we’re exploring together as families this month.

Becoming can be very difficult. It’s deep work, not to be undertaken alone. Be sure to invite your trusted friend, co-parent, church buddy, or other supportive folx along as you navigate your packet this month. Also, be sure to drink deeply from the fun, surprise, joy, and silliness of becoming! Awkward and uncomfortable growing/becoming pains are so much easier to bear when one can laugh through them, especially with others. Know that we at Soul Matters are becoming right along with you through the good, the bad, and the gawky. 🙂