Soulful Home: Finding the Sacred in Everyday Spaces.

Soulful Home: Finding the Sacred in Everyday Spaces.

What does it mean to be a family of Wisdom?

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This month, we’re doing two sage things together: reminding ourselves of the many unexpected ways wisdom presents itself and re-asserting our trust in our wisdom as parents.

I want to start with that second task, because for many of us, it’s most pernicious. Somewhere along the way–or maybe right at the beginning of the parenting journey–we gave in to doubt and second-guessing, and we began to look outside of ourselves, our mentors and role models, and our loving communities to discover wisdom “out there” somewhere.

Seeking the wisdom of experts in books, magazines, and trusted websites is good. But there are other, sometimes less explored ways to find wisdom: Asking among known and respected people in our communities; Checking in with one’s body; Listening for that small, still voice within; Looking to the natural world;  Seeking in spirit-nourishing resources–images, readings, poems, lyrics. These are less-explored terrains in the landscape of wisdom-seeking, and this month, we’re going there together.

We’re testing each other’s wise powers of deduction in a somewhat odd position in “At Play.” We’re pondering some unusual ways wisdom might manifest “Around the Neighborhood.” “At the Bedside,” we’re hearing a head-scratching story about teeth and the tongue that will get you and your children thinking about wisdom in a new way. 

We know you’ll have fun this month, and we hope you’ll also experience renewed confidence in your ability to guide your children well. Remember that all of society grows wiser for the action you take, reflections you make, and adaptations you create with your children and their friends. Wisdom is found, and wisdom is made, and this month, we’re doing both as a savvy circle of Soulful Home families!