Soulful Home April 2022

Well, there you are! You made it! We’re here, together, at the interactive performance of humanity. What’s that? Is this a dream? Why yes, yes, it is.

We see that you’re the spiritual guide of a young person. Wonderful! That’s an automatic all-inclusive pass to the ups, downs, and in-betweens of being human. (It’s really the best deal; you miss out on NOTHING if you undertake this adventure with a young one! We recommend that route to all our friends.) You’ll need a few things before you wake up to this awesome, amazing, and sometimes terrifying responsibility.

Here, let us help you: you’ll need courage, a lot of self-love, quite a bit of perseverance, curiosity, more compassion than you think will fit–we’ll just…squeeze in… a little bit…MORE! good; that will get you started–and, finally, your community. They’re really what holds all the rest of it together. Oh, you have a few things already? Terrific. Let’s add those special characteristics, too.

Are you ready? No, not quite? We get it; none of us felt ready when it was our time to guide children into this big, big world, either. But it’s kind of a chicken-and-egg deal–you want to know what to prepare for before you say yes, but the saying yes is partly WHAT prepares you for it! You promise to keep waking up and trying again, and that’s what unlocks the next adventure. 

You’re a little nervous? Well, sure. Being awake hurts more than being asleep. But it can feel really, really good, too. Like, better-than-anything good. Plus, your young person is probably already awake to the world. Children usually are. So you can meet them there

You’re worried you won’t get it right? You’re correct; you will probably make mistakes! You’ll keep drifting back into distraction, but with commitment, you’ll wake up again, and again, and again. In fact, some people practice waking up, so eventually they spend more time awake than asleep. But we’ll get to all that in a bit. 

Right now, let’s get you on your way. Are you ready to wake up and join your younger person in the here-and-now, present moment? Your community’s right by you.

Let’s do it! One, two, THREE!