“Who Do We Think We Are?”

About our Service:
Humans are storytellers. During the course of our lives, we are constantly refining a narrative about who we are and whom others perceive us to be. The problem is that, for many of us, that narrative is not very accurate. Linda will talk about how we can be more honest in telling ourselves—and others—the story of our lives.

About our Speaker:
Linda and her husband Dale have been members of this church for 10 years. It is a source of great joy and stability to her.

Linda has had three mothers in her life:

Her actual mother, who taught her about the blissful moments in life, especially the joy that art can bring.  Her friend Elmere Morgansteen, who taught her that a friend can be as dear as a mother, and her mother-in-law, Madie Crawford, who showed her unconditional love, and passed on to her son the quality that Linda will be talking about today.  It is to Madie Crawford that Linda dedicates this sermon about leading a life of honesty and integrity.



Worship Leader: Carole Hawkins
Accompanist/Special Music: Sydney Crisp
Special Music: Meditation by Sydney Crisp; additional selection by the “Tonic Trio” – Ellen Miceli (piano), Linda Crawford and Eileen Morrison (vocals)