Ways and Means: Faith-based Justice Work

BBUUC’s Annual ICARE Sunday
Rev. Bill Hoff presents
Ways and Means: Faith-based Justice Work
Claudia Marshall, Worship leader
Molly Brady and Carole Hawkins, BBUUC ICARE Ministry Co-Chairs
Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist
Swing and a Miss, Guest Musicians

About Our Guest Speaker:

Rev. Bill Hoff, retired Riverside Presbyterian Church pastor, has been an ICARE clergy member and leader for over a decade. Rev. Hoff moved to Jacksonville from Ohio in 1963, and attended Duval public schools, then Vanderbilt University. While in college, he married his wife of 48 years, Peggy. He worked for Young Life for 16 years in Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, and Jacksonville. Rev. Hoff was ordained in the Presbyterian Church. Along the way, he earned three graduate degrees and had four sons, who have now given him seven grandchildren. 

About our Guest Musicians:

SWING AND A MISS: The group name, borrowed from baseball, represents the makeup of this ensemble which includes four men and one woman. Their musical backgrounds and experiences cover much of the map of the world. Also, the combination of flute and/or saxophone, vibraphone, bass, drums, and piano is somewhat unique in the jazz world. All these musicians perform in various other musical ensembles but have made performing in this group a priority. Their primary specialty is swing-styled jazz, but they are constantly looking at alternative musical styles to include in their repertoire. 

(NOTE: Swing and a Miss will perform a mini-concert after the service and fellowship, at 11:50 in the sanctuary. All are welcomed to attend!)