War of the Worldviews: The Next Generation

Dr. Mark Yount
“War of the Worldviews: The Next Generation”

Worship Leader: Caitlin Regan
Accompanist: Marilyn Smart

About Our Service:
The next generation was buckling under insistent anxiety. Their physical world might survive a few more generations, but their cultural world was being torn asunder by the boomer wars. Old growth values, now uprooted, no longer sheltered either loyalty or idealism. No reality but virtual reality. No truth but ‘post-truth.’ And no end in sight to the War of the Worldviews. So, aided by elders who might not make the journey themselves, they looked to the unventured horizons of philosophical space. It’s out there somewhere: in a constellation of meaning and value enough like ours to be habitable, with new ground to build sustainable human community. “Hey!  Take a look at this…”

About Our Speaker:
Since joining BBUUC in 1997, Dr. Mark Yount has given over 100 sermons, chaired several committees, served on the Board as Vice President, and served throughout most of his years here as Youth Adviser, one of his great passions. Mark has a Ph.D. in Philosophy and taught college philosophy courses for many years. He works with Mental Health America of NE FL, helping homeless/at-risk people apply for disability benefits. He is writing a book entitled “Wisdom on the Way: Philosophy, Psychology and Spirituality for the Next Generation.”