Wanting, Getting and Giving

Kris Kines presents
“Wanting, Getting and Giving”
A sermon by UU Minister Rev. Bonnie Dlott
Donna Zimmerman and Elizabeth DeCoux, Worship Leaders
Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist
Lynn Wadley, Special Music

Whether we like it or not, most of us struggle with consumerism. In fact, the greatest impediment to giving generously may well be our fear of not having enough. In order to give joyfully from our limited resources, we need to confront that fear and realize what a seductive demon it is.

In this engaging sermon, we are invited not only to meet our fear but, more importantly to uncover the true source of spiritual abundance. With a touch that is simultaneously light and serious, Rev. Bonnie shares her own experience with the seduction of shopping, a compulsion with which most of us have had some experience. Then she helps us find the place in our lives where giving becomes transforming. 

pennies from heavenDon’t forget to bring your loose change (paper bills also accepted) for our first-Sunday Pennies from Heaven collection benefitting The Lotus Flower Project, a local 501-C-3 nonprofit whose vision is to enable women to discover, enhance and develop their purpose in life by presenting opportunities for spiritual, mental, educational and economic transformation. 

About our Speaker

Kris Kines has been a member of BBUUC for over 20 years. She’s served on the Board and the Council multiple times but her passion has always been with the Worship Committee. Usually seen at the pulpit as the Worship Leader, she is expanding her role to deliver Sermons written by UU ministers.

About our Sermon Author

Rev. Bonnie Dlott serves Unitarian Universalists of Petaluma (CA) as Consulting Minister, providing preaching, pastoral care, support, and rites of passage. She is a Bay Area native and spends her time communing with nature, cooking, and traveling with her newly retired husband. Their two adult children live in Davis and Sacramento with their spouses.

About our Member-Musician

Long-time BBUUC member Lynn Wadley loves to sing, play unusual folk instruments, and occasionally compose acoustic music. She takes a special pleasure in scheduling the variety of Special Musicians we enjoy as part of our Sunday services.