Video Service: Resting in the Unknown

Lee Plumb will lead our worship with a sermon by Rev. Tracie Barrett entitled “Resting in the Unknown.”

With everything going on in our world right now, it can be very scary. We don’t know what is coming next nor how long it will take. Rev. Tracie Barrett will give us some strategies for managing this time and how important it is for all of us to find times to rest.

About our Guest Speaker: Rev. Tracie Barrett lives in Winter Springs, Florida with her partner and their two cats. She graduated from Meadville Lombard Theological School in 2017 and served for three years as the half time consulting minister for the UU Congregation of Lake County. She considers herself a UU Evangelist, sharing the good news of our liberal faith with the world. 

During this time of social distancing, when in-person worship has been suspended, BBUUC will continue our weekly worship in video format that you can find on YouTube each Sunday morning at the “BBUUC Video” channel. Simply subscribe to the channel on YouTube, and watch our weekly worship services, modified for video viewing until we can resume gathering together for worship in our church sanctuary. The worship videos will remain on the site for viewing at your convenience. New services are posted at 6am on Sunday mornings.

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