Video Service: Lovingkindness in Chaos

Elizabeth DeCoux will lead our service with a message by Michael Nilon entitled “Lovingkindness in Chaos.”

Michael will explore the value of lovingkindness meditation (metta) in times of interpersonal, social, and institutional conflict.

About our Guest Speaker: Michael Nilon is a chaplain resident at Baptist Health and a recent graduate from the doctoral program in religious studies at the University of Virginia. His doctoral research focuses on how Joan Halifax at Upaya Institute and Zen Center (UZC) had ecologized, medicalized, and nuerobiologized mindfulness practices, so that chaplains trained at UZC bring spiritual practices that ground them in their bodies and embodied modes of compassionate care into late modern hospitals. A candidate for ordination in the United Methodist Church, Michael values the embodied modes of experiencing and knowing in his own tradition, late modern American Zen, and in other forms of contemplative practice including centering prayer, hatha yoga, and Ifa. He enjoys spending time with his children riding scooters, playing at the beach, and participating in worship.

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