Unconscious Bias, Diversity, and Compassion

About our Service:

Rev. Laurie will examine our innate unconscious biases, how they help shape how we interpret Deity, and what they mean for our daily life. Learn to recognize unconscious bias. Understand how humans interpret Deity. Recognize how that affects our interactions with Deity, each other, and the world around us.

About our Speaker:

Rev. Laurie Denman is the 3rd Degree High Priestess and Temple Keeper for the Chosen Path Church, a full Temple of the Correllian Nativist Church. She is an attuned Reiki Master and instructor as well as a Correllian Shaman. She is a charter member of the Northeast Florida Pagan Leadership Coalition. She is a Project Manager for a major world bank with two grown children who are still the center of her Universe. She volunteers in several employee networks at the bank including the LGBT Allies, CFO Diversity and Inclusion Council and LEAD. She volunteers for Pug Rescue of Florida fostering dogs and serves on the Board of Directors as Treasurer. She is the CFO and Membership Volunteer for Correllian Education Ministries, the seminary of the Correllian Nativist Church, commonly known as Witchschool.com. She is an active participant as a Faith Leader in the Jacksonville Coalition for Equality’s efforts to update the Duval County Human Rights Ordinance to include protections for our LGBTQ citizens. Her hobbies are water gardening, playing World of Warcraft and spending time with her pugs, her cat, and her pet tortoise.

Worship Leader:  Meghan Kaminski

Accompanist:  Gary Smart