Trapeze: The Art of Letting Go

June 26:Reverend Tom Schmidt

What is faith and why is it important? Where most people tend to equate faith and belief, they are in fact two very different things. Beliefs are but ideas that have chosen to accept as truth, often in spite of evidence to the contrary. Faith, on the other hand, is the willingness to let go of even our most cherished beliefs in pursuit of truth and meaning.

Reverend Tom Schmidt:

Now serving the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St. Augustine, Rev. Thomas Schmidt has been active in ministry for over 10 years having served Unitarian Universalist churches in California, South Carolina, and Texas. Rev. Schmidt has an Associate degree in Biology, a Bachelor in Literature and a Master of Divinity, which he credits for shaping his unique theological perspective that weaves together the objective truth of science and the subjective truth of myth and spiritual practice. Well-versed in many different religious and philosophical traditions including Buddhism, Christianity, Paganism, Taoism, Sufism, and integral philosophy, Rev. Schmidt strives to illustrate the universality of our Unitarian Universalist principles and how we all my better live up to our shared values.

Worship Assistant: Jennifer Stokes
Accompanied By: Sydney Crisp