This Present Paradise

Rev. Amy Moses-Lagos, BBUUC Minister, presents
“This Present Paradise”
Claudia Marshall, Worship Associate
Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist
Special Music by Job Meiller, Guitar and Vocals

Early Universalists believed that God was love and that God’s love called them to create heaven on earth by treating one another with kindness and compassion. How can we understand the idea of building heaven on earth in our congregations today? This service will explore these questions and more.

Special Music by Job Meiller

Born in the big city of Atlanta, GA …and raised on a dirt road in the country . . . he took his early musical influences from FM radio. Pop, country, blues, reggae, “alternative” rock, classic rock, funk, soul, disco. All of it. From that broad spectrum of musical influences, he cultivated his unique style as a singer and as a songwriter. Drawn to the music that tugged at his emotions . . . he found magic at the beautiful intersection of country, blues & soul. And now that magic lives in him. Without any formal training, one can’t help but call his music folk. It’s very unique. The sound, the strum, the feeling. Whether you’re listening to a song from his last record . . . or the singing of Amazing Grace acapella . . . his music is very sincere and very real. He gets lost in it. It takes him over. If you close your eyes . . . it will take you somewhere. You can’t help but feel it.