There Is a Way

Anand Vadehra presents
“There Is a Way”
Alyssa Halliday, Worship Leader
Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist
Jolie Nguyen (Piano), Guest Musician

Through the exploration of three simple, related principles, we will establish the foundation for understanding the Ultimate Truth (of life, of who we really are) and how that understanding offers each of us a way to have a generally safe, generally stable, and generally happy experience of life.

About our Guest Speaker

Since he was a small child, Anand has known intuitively that there is a savings grace to life, an “Ultimate Truth” that will, ultimately, set us free. In other words, he’s known that the seemingly inevitable chaos and confusion of daily life doesn’t have to be our “reality,” because, in Truth, it’s not. Rather, it’s but a simple and correctable distortion of our actual reality, of The Ultimate Truth itself. With that, his principal purpose has been to learn both how to consciously identify and correct this distortion, as doing so would spontaneously return us to an experience of the Ultimate Truth, to an experience of the order, abundance, and peace of mind that lay at the base of the distortion itself. 

This purpose has become a mission, a journey — one that took him from science as a Ph.D. student at Caltech, to the “occult” as a Counseling and Teaching Astrologer, to spirituality as a Teacher of A Course in Miracles and, finally, after each of these models of reality proved to be fundamentally flawed, one simple, clear epiphany that answered his prayers. This epiphany, something he now calls “The Great Secret,” showed him, once and for all, how to both identify and correct the distortion of reality we each labor under day in and day out. Anand teaches others “The Great Secret” so they can use it for themselves, allowing them to then understand the Truth, experience the Truth and, Ultimately, set themselves free via the Truth.

About our Guest Musician

Jolie Nguyen is a junior piano performance major at the University of North Florida and is a student of Dr. Gary Smart. She came to the US seven years ago from Viet Nam and graduated from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, class of 2020. She has worked in the Music Mentor program collaborating with Morning Star School and currently teaches piano at First Coast School of music.