“The Dilley Pro Bono Project”

Linda Gillespie-Marina

“The Dilley Pro Bono Project”

Worship Leader: Caitlin Regan
Accompanist: Gary Smart
Guest Musician: Goliath Flores

About our Service:

Linda will share her personal experiences with the “Dilly Pro Bono Project,” in which she volunteered for a week as an Interpreter (Spanish—English). She interpreted for a lawyer out of Minneapolis who does not speak Spanish. They prepared women seeking asylum for their Credible Fear Interviews.

About our Speaker

Linda Gillespie-Marina received her BA in International Relations at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and her Master’s Degree in Translation at the University of Puerto Rico. She is married to Carlos Marina and is the mother of Fiore (15) and Javier (13). She currently teaches Spanish at Creekside High School, where she is also the World Languages Department Chair.

About Our Guest Musician:

Goliath Flores is a diverse vocalist, singer/songwriter, and a Classical and Flamenco guitarist. He’s a cross-genre recording artist and performer whose releases run the gamut regarding musical styles. Currently, he’s gradually populating the internet with a “slow release album” (Meaning that songs are released one at a time) titled Binary Love (Songs About Technology and Pretension). Goliath Flores’ works also include the music to the film California Winter (2013), a feature film about the 2008 housing crisis, a self-titled album Goliath Flores, and he has produced music for other artists in far-reaching genres.