The Blue Boar and Other Family Hauntings

Beth Curtis
“The Blue Boar and Other Family Hauntings”
Claudia Marshall, Worship Leader
Eileen Morrison, Accompanist
Jarrett Carter, Guitar, Guest Musician

In honor of this Month’s Worship theme, “Heritage” and in keeping with the season, where the veil fades between the living and those who went before us, Beth will explore the gifts and the burdens of connecting with and honoring our Ancestors.

Ancestor veneration and rituals date back thousands of years and have been practiced in a variety of ways throughout the world. These traditions are being carried into a new era and can be combined with unprecedented access to genealogical records to allow each of us to find ways that to connect with our Ancestors in a meaningful, personal way.

About Our Speaker:

Growing up in the Unitarian Universalist faith has allowed Beth a lifetime (thus far, at least) to explore where spiritual meaning lies on a very personal level.  The UU faith has also allowed and even encouraged for that meaning to change and evolve. But time and again, Beth has found that the one true thing, the spiritual constant of her faith, is her relationship with nature and the interconnected web of life and existence.

About our Guest Musician:

Jarrett Carter is a professional musician, composer, and teacher, based in Jacksonville. He began playing guitar when he was ten years old and soon began to study classical guitar with Don Casper at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. He then went on to study jazz guitar with Bobby Ferrazza at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music where he earned his bachelor’s degree in jazz performance. He currently plays with a plethora of musicians covering genres ranging from jazz and classical to pop, rock, and country, primarily in Jacksonville and greater northeast Florida.