Subway Jesus

Rev. Kaaren Anderson
Interim Minister of the UU Fellowship of Vero Beach (FL)
Presents a virtual sermon for BBUUC:
“Subway Jesus”

Donna Zimmerman, Worship Leader
Dr. Gary Smart, Accompanist
Job Meiller, Voice and Guitar

For Palm Sunday and the month that we explore “The Path of Resistance, Rev. Anderson shares with us her understanding of “the real Jesus” as she came to know him in seminary and beyond. “A Jesus who pushes us over the edge, pushes us to the left. And then saying, we need to jump far past it. “That’s what I think we need to remember most; to not allow ourselves to be limited by the way-too-tame proposals to the problems of today, but instead leap and lean into radical change and resistance….”

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About our Guest Speaker: 

Rev. Kaaren Solveig Anderson is the interim minister in Vero Beach, FL. She has served UU congregations throughout NY and MA for the last 25 years as a parish minister.

About our Member-Musician: 

Job Meiller has been sharing his music with us for many years. He is a singer and a songwriter, and you can find his music in ‘all the places.’ His music comes from the fertile intersection of folk, blues & soul. His words are sincere, and the emotions run deep.