Spiritual Growth

Linda Crawford presents

“Spiritual Growth”

About our Service:
Our third principle asks us to encourage each other to grow spiritually. But what is spiritual growth? To Linda, spiritual growth is mostly about becoming as open and vulnerable as we can. That means we become open to both pleasure and pain, to both the joys and the hard lessons that our experiences offer us. We gradually peel off the layers of protection that we have accumulated throughout our lives. We enter each moment afresh, without preconception. Linda will discuss the difficulties and rewards of this path to spirituality.

About our Speaker:
The daughter of an atheist and an agnostic, Linda never explored spirituality before joining this church. But through the almost 10 years of her membership, Linda has gradually awakened to the need for a more profound way of living. Linda and her husband Dale have two sons, Benjamin and Andrew. They are very grateful for this church and its fellowship.

Worship Leader: Carole Hawkins
Accompanist: Gary Smart