Sitting with Yourself, Understanding Impermanence, and Making Changes

Sometimes it is just hard to sit with whatever you are feeling or experiencing while we have a tendency to be so reactive to change. I’m currently working with the idea that our feelings move our thoughts and then our thoughts spring into action, in the face of “impermanence”. If we could learn to sit with what is happening to us for just a moment and not be overly attracted or overly repulsed, we may find that we have a better chance to be a part of our own intentional changes.

Billy Thomas has a BA degree from Stetson University, an MA from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and post graduate hours in counseling from the University of North Florida.  He is an Academic Counselor at Florida State College at Jacksonville and the Director of the Karma Kagyu Study Group.

Worship Leader: Jay Gardner
Accompanist: Gary Smart