The Sacred Art of Generosity

About our Service:
It is often said that we live our lives best giving our strengths, gifts, and competencies…time, talent and treasure. This giving makes a difference in our own selves, our families, our communities, and our congregations.  

Lauren Tyler Wright, author and clergy, writes: “When practiced consistently and intentionally, giving can become a spiritual discipline and, even more, a sacred art. When we practice giving regularly and understand that our motivation has some connection outside of ourselves, we have the opportunity to radically transform our lives, the life of another person, even the lives of entire communities…It’s about creating an entire lifestyle of generosity.”

Join us this Sunday for a collaborative service that explores the many ways that we can practice this sacred art–cultivating generosity and deepening our connections–in our personal lives, the greater community, and within our faith community at BBUUC.

Speaker: John Wrightington

Worship Leader: Linda Mowers
Accompanist: Gary Smart