Our Place in the Cosmos

August 28:Linda Crawford

Given our uncertainty as to the fundamental building blocks of material reality, and given the universe’s incomprehensible scope, do we humans have any firm ground on which to base our existence? Do we matter? And do our Unitarian Universalist principles matter? Linda will relate the newest theories of physics to what is important to us as human beings, and, as Unitarian Universalists.

Linda Crawford:

Linda and her husband Dale have been enthusiastic members of BBUUC for seven years. Linda has an amateur’s interest in the big questions of physics:  the size and scope of the universe and the nature of physical reality. Recently, she discovered two books that distilled the latest findings in the field: “The Big Picture,” by physicist Sean Carroll, and “The View from the Center of the Universe,” by physicist Joel Primack and writer Nancy Ellen Abrams. Reading these works have given Linda the confidence to tackle a subject she has always been drawn to – the nature of existence.


Worship Leader:  Dave Austin | Accompanist:  Sydney Crisp