The One Moment That Changes Everything

August 21:Hana Maris

Inspired by a dear friend who is fighting for his life in a hospital in central Florida, this sermon will not be a sappy and mild admonishment to be grateful for each day. No way. It will be a full on revelation of that one pivotal moment we either accept the invitation to, or wonder why we are so miserable. Come prepared to leave changed.

Hana Maris:

Hana Maris, MS, is on the faculty of her local college teaching Philosophy, Ethics, and Environmental Studies. She is a wilderness guide, spiritual retreat leader, speaker, writer, and musician. Hana is currently creating an East/West lifestyle to satisfy her soul’s deep call for home (St. Augustine) and adventure (the American Southwest).

Worship Leader:  Kris Kines | Accompanist:  Sydney Crisp