No Prior Experience Required

Jennifer Bacmeister presents
“No Prior Experience Required”
Kris Kines, Worship Leader
Sydney Crisp, Accompanist
Paige Scott, Guest Musician, Violin
(accompanied by Dr. Gary Smart)

Science tells us all things are logical. There are reasons for things to be the way they are, even if we are unable to discern them in the present moment. Our sense of wonder tells us we don’t have to know the “why” to appreciate life. As we strive for justice, compassion, and spiritual growth, can we use both the knowing and the not knowing to guide us? How do we balance knowledge and wonder as we continue our search for truth and meaning?

About Our Speaker:

Jennifer Bacmeister has been a member of BBUUC since 2001. She has served many roles over the years, including Worship Committee Chair, Building Task Force, Religious Education teacher, and Board Vice President. Jennifer is an accomplished Toastmaster, one of those rare birds that actually enjoy public speaking! After years of being a Worship Leader, she added writing sermons to her skill set. She has spoken at UU churches in Huntsville, Alabama, and right down the road in Palatka, as well as to our own congregation. When not crafting services as a worship leader, or writing sermons, Jennifer enjoys tending her backyard chickens, spoiling her grandchildren, and sewing (not always in that order!).

About our Guest Musician:

Paige Scott has been playing the violin since she was 7 years old and has loved it ever since. She was very lucky to be able to go to schools like Lavilla and Douglas Anderson to really focus on making music. Playing the violin has helped her get through so much hardship in her life and she cannot imagine doing anything else. Now that Paige is at Jacksonville University for music performance, she is living the life she has always wanted to, as a violinist.