Meet the Beatitudes! What does it mean to be meek?

The Beatitudes have something to say that few are willing to hear, and many are willing to misunderstand and misuse. They have been a concise teaching of the worlds wisdom traditions, informing Unitarian Universalism theologies, a practical spiritual roadmap for the mystic and an ultimate opiate for those pushing power. Come meet the Beatitudes and sing the song, ‘All you need is Love” in greater harmony.

About our speaker:
Reverend Elizabeth Teal is the executive director of Giving Paws. She is also the Spiritual Director for The Ministry of Animals, and a monk in the world. Past credits include: Training Director and Consultant for Pattes Tendue (headquartered in Geneva Switzerland), coordinator of the ASPCA’s Visiting Pet Program; the AACR team training and coordination of the NYC 9-11 response; sitting on Delta Society’s first Pet Partners National Committee; and handling the first installed Canine Guardian ad Litem in the state of Florida.  Rev. Teal thought she was going to grow up to be an ethologist focusing on interspecies relationships, but along the way became a monk, an artist, a storyteller, and an interfaith minister instead. She has taken the vows of the Community of the Mystic Heart. She is a third-generation Unitarian Universalist. Reverend Teal believes in the inherent worth and dignity of everyone, knowing that the Light of Love shines into every heart through many windows. She is committed to equity, justice, and compassion in all our relationships and blogs daily at

Worship Leader: Jim Wood
Accompanist: Marilyn Smart