Life after Death from a Baha’i Perspective

November 6, 2016ramin-mahmoodi

As we dedicate BBUUC’s beautiful Memorial Garden*, does it serve to only soothe our hearts or are the intended spirits aware of it? Is there life after death? Are our spirits conscious and aware? Can we perceive events in the material realm? Is there communication between the two realms? Twenty minutes is not nearly enough to address any of these questions but we shall explore these topics from the Baha’i perspective.

*Note:  Immediately following the service, a brief ceremony will be conducted outside to dedicate our Memorial Garden. We encourage all of our congregants to attend and participate.

About our Speaker:

Ramin Mahmoodi was born into an Iranian Baha’i family. The Iranian Islamic Revolution of 1979 forced him and his family to flee religious persecution, helping him to strengthen his spiritual belief system. Destiny brought him and his family to Jacksonville in 1999, where he joined the Board of Directors of OneJax in 2004 and established Jacksonville Diversity Network in 2006 as a way to remedy ‘Race Relations’ in Jacksonville. He received his bachelor of Math and Computer Science in 1988 and has been working in various Computer Information Technology fields for the past 22 years.

Worship Leader:  Jennifer Stokes | Accompanist:  Gary Smart