iChurch Needs to be Upgraded

Rev. Anne Mason, 
Senior Minister of the First Parish in Lexington, MA (UU) 
Presents a virtual sermon for BBUUC:
“iChurch Needs to be Upgraded”
Jennifer Bacmeister, Worship Leader
Sydney Crisp, Accompanist

Rev. Mason says, “When I first moved to this area, I was so excited to be in the cradle of the Transcendentalists. And yet, there are residual philosophies contained within our own Unitarian Universalism that come directly from these writers, which now, in our current context, give me pause. Well, more than pause. Heebie-jeebies would be a more accurate term . . .”

pennies from heavenDon’t forget to bring your loose change (paper bills also accepted) for our first-Sunday Pennies from Heaven collection benefiting The Clara White Mission. Founded in 1904, its origins go back to 1880s Jacksonville, when former slave Clara English White fed hungry neighbors from her two-room house on Clay Street. Today’s Clara White Mission offers more than meals for the hungry and transitional housing for the homeless. They offer hope and a way out of the misery of a life on the streets. They do provide food and housing, but also offer vocational programs to put people to work. Their goal is to restore those in need to meaningful, dignified lives in the community.

About our Guest Speaker:

Rev. Anne Mason brings a deep passion for ministry to her position as Senior Minister at First Parish. Her journey through life has taken her to unexpected places, but she has always maintained her spiritual connection as a foundational core of who she is. Rev. Anne’s religious journey began with being a Director of Education while her children were young. She worked as the Director of Music at the UU church in Lancaster PA, and then after graduating seminary and completing an internship in pastoral care at Hershey Medical Center, she became the Senior Minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster. Becoming a Unitarian Universalist Minister has been a journey of joy and discovery, and she is excited to walk with her congregation on their path of religious quest. How we show up in the world is connected to the faith we discover along the way. Our purpose is to be true to our deepest selves while we work to make this world a better place.