Honoring the Spiritual Lives of Animals

Elizabeth DeCoux
“Honoring the Spiritual Lives of Animals”
Alyssa Halliday, Worship Leader
Hannalora Chapple, Youth Worship Leader
Sydney Crisp, Accompanist

Scientists, philosophers, and theologians have observed in recent years that animals have spiritual experiences, including worship, very much in the Unitarian Universalist sense of holding up what is worthy. Whether the animals are family members, wild creatures, or any other types of beings, we can honor, respect, support, and on some special occasions even participate in, their spiritual lives.

About our Speaker:

Elizabeth DeCoux spent her career practicing law and then teaching law. She is BBUUC’s Animal Chaplain, available to help members and their companion animals with any spiritual and pastoral needs related to animals. Elizabeth dedicated her training as an animal chaplain to the memory of Rev. Liz Teal. In 2019, Elizabeth was selected as the recipient of the Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry’s Albert Schweitzer Sermon Award for the best sermon regarding our responsibilities to animals. She is active in the UUAM and serves on BBUUC’s Worship Team.